About Star=Vaders

Mecha roguelike-deckbuilding tactical shoot-em-up! Upgrade your deck with impactful cards, master the unique grid-based tactics, and discover game-changing combos in Star★Vaders.

A fusion of Slay the SpireInto the Breach, and Space Invaders (?!), Star★Vaders is a thrilling turn-based strategy game in which you pilot a mecha armor to fight swarms of alien invaders in a rogue-lite campaign of grid-based tactical card battles.

  • Master Complex Grid-Based Tactics!

    Outwit and destroy hordes of aliens before they reach the Earth with your cards in unique directional and defensive grid-based tactical combat.

  • Build Your Own Playstyle!

    Power up your mecha with hundreds of exciting new cards, meaningful upgrades and game-changing artifacts.